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Beach lovers, this way please! Mararikulam, the perfect beach haven beckons you to this sleepy little fishing village on the Arabian Sea coast of Kerala. Lying 60 km south to Cochin, Mararikulam has scenic backwaters, the lush countryside covered with coconut trees and the peaceful beaches which make it a much sought-after destination in Kerala.  The serene, deserted sandy beaches here beckon you to enjoy a laid-back vacation experience. 

Mararikulam is also one of the ancient towns of Kerala steeped with rich history and culture. Apart from that, Mararikulam is also a backwater destination. You can take a short trip all around the area in a houseboat visiting the different places to visit in and around Mararikulam. The  Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, the traditional coir-making units, backwaters canals and lagoons, age-old temples, churches and more make Mararikulam a not-to-be-missed destination. Mararikulam lies quite near to Alleppey, Kochi, Kumarakom and can be reached by hiring a taxi. The winter season is the best time to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Mararikulam to the fullest.

Why Visit Mararikulam?

Out and out the best place to relax and chill out, Mararikulam brings you the beautiful backwaters and sunny beaches experience! You can soak up the sun and enjoy lazy swims and frolicking in the serenity on the sandy beaches. Every year, the Mararikulam beach is visited by hordes of beachgoers in the prime season time.

Enjoy a magical tryst with the serene backwaters at Mararikulam which is also a famous backwater destination!  You can hire houseboats and take off on these exciting cruises to see fascinating places to visit in Mararikulam. Spend some quality time with your loved ones visiting interesting historic temples and churches around Mararikulam. 

Mararikulam boasts of many fascinating places to visit! A leisurely trip through the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, visiting the Pathiramanal Island, the traditional coir-making units,  backwater canals and lagoons, age-old temples, churches etc. fills up your Mararikulam itinerary. Experiencing the lackadaisical pace of local life makes vacationing at Mararikulam a reviving experience.

If it is the month of August, then it is the time for Snake Boat Races in the Vembanad lake! For adventure lovers, Mararikulam offers a choice of sea surfing, parasailing, water skiing, and deep-sea fishing. You can even go for a trip with local fishermen in the sea and have the time of your life. Mararikulam is the best place for a weekend trip. You can just unwind & relax amidst azure water and panoramic green vistas.

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Where is Mararikulam?

Mararikulam,  a small fisherman’s village lies on the Arabian coast of Kerala. It is just 12 km from Alleppey and around 60 km from Kochi.

How to reach Mararikulam?

Air:The nearest Airport to Mararikulam is the Kochi International Airport. It takes a 1.5-hour journey to reach here from the Airport. Taxis are available 24 hours a day to reach here.

Rail:Alleppey that lies 12 km away is the nearest major train station.  There’s also a local train station at Mararikulam, not far from the beach. You can take a cab or auto to reach Mararikulam from the Railway station 

Road:Kochi to Mararikulam is a 36-minute journey if you hire a cab. By bus, it takes 1 hr. to reach Mararikulam from Kochi, and there are many buses from Ernakulam junction to reach there.

What is the best time to visit Mararikulam?

Winter (November – February) – It is the best time to visit Mararikulam! As the temperature remains much below the average range, the weather is pleasant. On the bright and sunny days, you can explore places in Mararikulam easily and make your holidays memorable.  

Monsoon (June – October) – Monsoon showers make Mararikulam greener. The whole countryside takes on a new and vibrant look. Monsoon is the best time to get rejuvenated with soothing Ayurveda massages and therapies. July and August are times of heavy downpour, and it’s best to keep Umbrellas and Raincoats ready.

Summer (March–May) – It gets sweltering hot in the Summer months of March to May. Temperatures can range from 280C to 360C. But the Summer is also an excellent time to visit the beach in Mararikulam and relax at the beachside.

What are the best places to see in Mararikulam?

Marari Beach

Scenic view of Marari Beach
Photo credits: Arjun P Kumar

If you are a beach bum, this is the very place for you. Unwind and relax at the Marari beach, listening to the whispering of the swaying Coconut palms and waves embracing the beach. It’s the perfect location for holidaying with family or friends. While at the beach you can find the local men busy mending their fishing nets and going out for fishing excursions. The serenity and tranquillity of this beach is an incentive for beach lovers to visit here.

At the beach, there are many resorts and Ayurveda massage centres to surrender your mind, body and soul to the therapeutic power of Ayurveda treatment to relax and rejuvenate.


Pathiramanal at Kumarakom
Photo credits: Athira

The Pathiramanal Island, with its captivating beauty, enchants you! Lying just 10 km away from Mararikulam, the scenic Pathiramanal island is at the centre of the Vembanad Lake and can be reached only by boat. It is a golden opportunity to see several rare bird species like Darter, Indian Shag, common teal, pintail duck etc. The best way to reach the island will be to hire a taxi and then travel on a boat or a House-boat.

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International Coir Museum

Coir Museum
Photo Credits : Lechu

A Museum which is certainly worth a visit! The International Coir Museum, one of the main tourist destinations in Alleppey is the first of its kind in the world! The Coir Museum has several Coir sculptures and works of art in Coir displayed. The Museum educates the visitors about the advancements in the Coir sector. The Coir exhibits amaze you with their wonderful creativity and artistry. 

The Great Backwaters

Photo Credits : Sheena

Experience the enchanting beauty of the Kerala backwaters at Mararikulam! The Vembanad, Ashtamudi or Kuttanad backwaters of Kerala are the most visited tourist destinations of Kerala. There is not a better way to enjoy the bewitching beauty of the Kerala Backwaters than on a houseboat cruise!

The Coconut palm lined backwaters are a network of narrow canals and lagoons and as you float along the cool tranquil backwaters you get rare glimpses of the local village life. The Houseboats are generally modernised Kettuvallams or Rice boats which were used to transport rice and commodities in the earlier days.  You can visit several scenic spots on shore like historic temples and churches enroute. The evenings can be spent watching the sky change colour several times and you see the sun setting over the horizon. Welcoming the dawn in the backwaters is equally mesmerizing. The backwaters is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Mararikulam. 

Thaickal Beach

Photo Credits : Kripa

If you are looking for a secluded, tranquil, serene beach to relax, Thaickal beach is just right for you! With its pristine sandy shores and the blue sea waves Thaickal Beach offers fabulous sunset views and solitude. You can spend hours watching the sun painting the sky red with only some fishing boats for company. 

Thaickal is a small fishing hamlet in Alappuzha is one of the best places to visit in Mararikulam just 10 km away from here. The best way to reach Thaickal beach will be by hiring a taxi.

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Places to Visit near Mararikulam


Chinese Fishing Nets
Photo Credits ; Vijil

Kochi or the Queen of Arabian Sea is a natural harbour which is known as the financial, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Kochi was a busy trading hub of spices years ago. The Chinese, Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese & British traders have all left their marks in the architecture and culture of Kochi. The bustling city of Kochi lies 45 km away from Mararikulam and can be reached by hiring a cab. As one of the best places to visit near Mararikulam, Kochi has many tourist hotspots. There are many famous places of worship, Malls, Parks, Palaces & Museums & the Chinese fishing net. Just check it out…


Boat Race
Photo Credits : Deepa

Alleppey popularly known as the Venice of the East is famous for its bewitching beauty of the backwaters. Lying 12 km away from Mararikulam, Alleppey is reputed as one of the oldest planned towns in India. With its sun-kissed beaches, and lagoons, the shimmering backwaters, Alleppey is a high-profile tourist hotspot! A leisurely houseboat cruise or a spiritual pilgrimage trip visiting temples and churches can be good options to spend your time. You can also indulge in a rejuvenating Ayurvedic session or beach fun at the scenic beaches of Alleppey.  As one of the most beautiful nearby places to visit from Mararikulam, the fastest way to reach Alleppey from Mararikulam will be to rent a car.


Photo Credits : Vedhika

The Kumarakom backwaters welcome you to endless stretches of greenery and shimmering waters! As one of the main backwater destinations in Kerala, verdant Kumarakom has never-ending stretches of paddy fields, canals and mangroves.

While at Kumarakom a visit to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is the preferred choice of bird-lovers as you get a chance to watch thousands of migratory birds which come to nest there. You can imbibe the beauty of Kumarakom in the leisurely houseboat cruises through the backwaters. Kumarakom is one of the best places to see near Mararikulam and can be reached by renting a cab.

Popular Questions on Mararikulam

What are the best luxury hotels in Mararikulam?

The best luxury hotels in Mararikulam include Xandari Pearl, Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, and Marari Beach Resort CGH Earth.

What are some of the best resorts for stays in Mararikulam?

Marari Beach Resort CGH Earth, Abad Turtle Beach Resort, Marari Beach Villas, Casa Marari, Carnoustie Ayurveda &  Wellness Resort, Marari Village Beach Resort etc. are some of the best resorts for stays in Mararikulam.

What should I see while I’m in Mararikulam?

The best places to see in Mararikulam are Marari beach, Pathiramanal Island, International Coir Museum, St. Andrew’s Basilica Church Arthunkal, Mararikulam Sree Mahadeva Temple, Kanichukulangara Devi Temple, Thiruvizha Mahadeva Temple, Kaniyakulam Pond, Arthunkal Beach, Thumpoly Beach, Thaickal Beach, the Backwaters etc.

How do I get from Mararikulam to Cochin?

The Mararikulam to Cochin journey takes 40 minutes and the quickest way to get there will be to hire a cab.

How can I go from Mararikulam to Alleppey?

Mararikulam is located 12 km from Alleppey and the best way to reach there will be to hire a taxi.

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