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Get ready to explore the unknown gem in the hills – Nelliyampathy, the hottest new tourism destination in Palakkad! Situated at the Kerala Tamil Nadu border, the hill station Nelliyampathy, also called the Queen of Palakkad Hills has treasures galore for the discerning traveller. Blessed with the bounty of nature and lush greenery Nelliyampathy are a real green paradise and a must-visit place in your tour of Kerala. The road to Nelliyampathy winds through the green Tea, Coffee and Cardamom plantations. Orange Farming in Nelliyampathy is also attracting tourists by the hordes.

Nelliyampathy is the perfect place for eco-tourism and romantic holidays as it is surrounded by peaks of heights ranging from 500m to 1600m. Blessed with an abundance of flora, fauna and picturesque tourist attractions, Nelliyampathy provides an incredible destination for tourists worldwide. Besides all these, the colourful festival of Nenmara Vellanghy vela which takes place in April is celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. All these elements together make Nelliyampathy a perfect getaway for all kinds of tourists.

Why Visit Nelliyampathy?

The majestic mountains of Nelliyampathy beckon you to experience the best nature has to offer! Nelliyampathy hill ranges are one of the most spectacular, breathtaking hill stations of Kerala. On the drive from Palakkad, you can feel the chill in the air and get a glimpse of village life here. Tall trees line the way, and the few hairpin bends on the roads passing through the coffee estates and tea plantations add to the thrill!

Experience the scenic beauty of nature at Nelliyampathy! A nature lover’s paradise with huge trees with large honeycombs, the bird songs awakening you in the mornings, the beautiful landscapes, small gurgling mountain streams Nelliyampathy is all set to welcome hordes of tourists.

As one of the most beautiful and remote hill stations in Kerala, Nelliyampathy has many tourist places to explore. The Seethargundu Viewpoint, Nemmara village, Kesavanpara,  Pothundy dam and reservoir, Palghat Gap,  Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nelliyampathy caves are only some of the top tourist attractions in Nelliyampathy.

You can get astounding vistas of the thick teak wood forest, an Earth dam, Orange farms of Nelliyampathy, Tea and Coffee plantations, and paddy fields in the valley from the top of summits like Kesavan Para. Amazing trekking trails lead you to the top of Kesavan para and the Seethargundu Viewpoint where you can chill out amongst the clouds. The beautiful Seethargundu waterfall can be seen from here. 

The Pothundi dam & Reservoir add to the charm of Nelliyampathy. The perfect backdrop of Nelliyampathy hills is just picturesque and pristine, which makes the dam surroundings an excellent place for picnics. Pothundi dam is a must-visit place in Nelliyampathy.

A visit to the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a great way to spend your holiday in Nelliyampathy as you can get glimpses of rare flora and fauna. Nemmara, a village near Nelliyampathy, is famous for ‘Nemmara Vela’ festival during April when many folk arts will be on display.

As a hill station near Coimbatore, Nelliyampathy is easily reachable from the Coimbatore Airport or the Coimbatore Railway Junction by hiring cabs. The Nelliyampathy hill station is ideal for weekend getaways from Palakkad and Coimbatore. A trip here is sure to be refreshing and enjoyable!

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Where is Nelliyampathy?

The hill station Nelliyampathy is located within the Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve, in the southwestern Indian state of Kerala near the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border around 62 km from Palakkad in Kerala. It can be visited on a one day trip from Palakkad.

How to reach Nelliyampathy?

Air:The nearest Airport to Nelliyampathy is the Coimbatore Airport (CJB) which lies 67 km from Nelliyampathy. You can hire a cab from the Airport to reach Nelliyampathy

Rail:The nearest railway station to Nelliyampathy is the Palakkad station at a distance of 60 km from Nelliyampathy. The major Railway junction connects Nelliyampathy to many other cities in India. Take a taxi from the station to reach Nelliyampathy.

Road:Nelliyampathy is well connected to many cities of South India via various bus services. The National Highway 47 passes through Nenmara, the nearest town which makes it possible to reach cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai through inter-state buses. State-owned buses, as well as private buses, run regularly through Nelliyampathy.

What is the best time to visit Nelliyampathy? 

Nelliyampathy is an all-seasons hill station holiday destination which can be visited all year round. Plan your trip better with this month wise break-up of the weather in Nelliyampathy:


The cool temperature of Nelliyampathy in the winter season from September to February with temperatures ranging from 200C – 320C make it an ideal to visit. It’s also an excellent season for trekking and exploring the landscape. 


Beginning from March to May, the summer season is usually hot in Nelliyampathy with temperatures rising to 340C, but this is a great time to get great deals on room rates in hotels. You can enjoy Nelliyampathy at a less hurried pace as it is less crowded during the summer. 


Nelliyampathy receives good rainfall in the Monsoon season. It is an excellent time to experience the greenery of Nelliyampathy and go sightseeing. Ensure to carry an umbrella or raincoat as rain showers are frequent.

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What are the best places to see in Nelliyampathy?

Pothundi Dam

Photo Credits: Niranjan

Get ready for a great picnic at the Pothundi dam surroundings! The Pothundi dam is the second dam in Asia built without using concrete but an unusual mix of Jaggery & Limestone. The dam fed by the three tributaries of Bharathapuzha River is one of the best places to visit in Nelliyampathy. Lovely landscaped gardens surround the dam. A great view of the Nelliyampathy valley and sprawling paddy fields can be seen from the top of the dam. Pothundi Reservoir banks are famous picnic spots frequented by families. Boating facilities are available at the reservoir. 

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Tiger Reserve Tourism
Photo Credits : Vinu

Be one with nature at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nelliyampathy! Nestled between the Nelliyampathy ranges of Kerala and Anaimalai Hills of Tamil Nadu, Parambikulam Wildlife sanctuary is situated near a reservoir having aquatic fauna, including Mugger crocodiles. It is made up of the Sungam Forest and Parambikulam Forest Reserve.

The various tributaries of Kuriarkutty and Karappara Rivers flow through the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve covering an area of 285 sq. Km. The Adivasi communities of Kadar, Muduvar, Malasar and Malamalasar reside in this sanctuary.  

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is home to a wide variety of fauna consisting of nearly 39 species of mammals, 1049 species of insects & 61 species of reptiles. More than 124 species of butterflies, 47 species of fishes and 16 species of amphibians are also found here. The Indian Tiger, Nilgiri langur, Elephants, Leopards, Sloth bears and Sambar are some of the commonly seen animals in this sanctuary. 

The 268 species of birds found here include birds like grey-headed fishing Eagles, great black Woodpeckers, Nilgiri wood Pigeons, black-capped Kingfishers and Hornbills. The sanctuary is home to reptiles and amphibians like the common Asiatic Toads, King Cobras, wrinkled Frogs and the Western Ghats Flying Lizards. This sanctuary abounds with wildlife and rare flora. An astounding range of 1432 species of plants which include 359 species of trees, 268 species of shrubs & 152 species of climbers can be found here.

One of the best places to visit in the Nelliyampathy hills, the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve significant attractions are the Salim Ali Gallery, Kannimara Teak and Salim Ali Bird Interpretation Centre & Modern Nature Interpretation Centre. The Shola Forests and dams like  Parambikulam dam & Thunakadavu dam are other tourist attractions in Nelliyampathy hills. You can also include visits to the dam Viewpoint, Karimala Gopuram & Valley View Point in your Nelliyampathy itinerary.

Meenkara Dam

Photo Credits : Viji

Celebrate magical moments of life with family and friends at the Meenkara dam, which is a lovely picnic spot amidst great scenic beauty. Located at a distance of 39 km from Palakkad, the dam is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nelliyampathy in one day. It is built across the Gayathri River which is a tributary of the Bharathapuzha River, the fascinating surroundings of the Meenkara dam is full of paddy & coconut fields and greenery all around.

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Seethargundu Viewpoint

View Point
Photo Credits : Reetha

The Seethargundu Viewpoint entices you with its fabulous visuals of miles of greenery, the magnificent waterfalls and miles and miles of paddy fields all around! Located at a distance of about 8 km from Nelliyampathy,  Seethargundu Viewpoint is believed to be the place where Lord Rama, Goddess Sita & Lord Lakshman rested during their exile. The water cascade of the Seethargundu Waterfalls falls from a height of about 100 ft. Organic farms cultivating coffee and Tea can be viewed from here.

Chulliyar Dam

Photo Credits : Sujith

Drink in the beauty of nature at the Chulliyar dam premises at a distance of 36 km from Palakkad! A beautiful place situated near Kollengode and Meenkara dam can be covered in a one day trip from Palakkad.

Built-in 1960 across the Chulliyar River, a tributary of the Gayathripuzha River, the Chulliyar dam and surroundings are blessed with an abundance of nature’s beauty & provide excellent views of the beautiful Nelliyampathy Mountains and more.

Kachamkurissi Temple

Photo Credits : Nima

Get to visit one of the best temples in Palakkad district! The Thiru-Kachamkurissi, an ancient temple, is situated at Payyalur, near the township of Kollengode. The temple is located off the Pollachi – Nemara state highway. Payyalur means land of the green surroundings. Centuries earlier, the Kachamkurissi shrine was situated deep amid a forest, in a land called Gnanaranyam- the Forest of Understanding.  

Lord Vishnu is the presiding deity of the temple & the idol is said to have been consecrated by Sage Kashyapa himself who was doing penance at the Govindamala hill. Kachamkurissi is derived from ‘Kashyapan-Kurissi’ – ‘the Hill of Kashyapa’. The best time to visit is the Thiruvonam Nakshatra day during Onam.

Raja’s Cliff View

Picture perfect vistas welcome you to Raja’s Cliff Viewpoint, one of the best places to see in Nelliyampathy! Situated at an altitude of nearly 5250 ft above sea level, the cliff offers jaw-dropping views of mountain ranges, reservoirs, waterfalls and forests in and around Nelliyampathy.

The forests around Raja’s Cliff Point is also home to animals like giant squirrels, Sambar, Elephants and Leopards. Beautiful coffee plantations, tea gardens and cardamom estates line the way to the Cliff Point. An excellent place to be!

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Nelliyampathy Beauty View Point

View Point
Photo Credits : Seethu

Impressive views from the Beauty Viewpoint will take your breath away! Silently enjoy the beauty of nature as you feel the cold air enveloping you at the Beauty Viewpoint, a top place to visit in the Nelliyampathy hills. A short walk leads to the cliff end along a ridge. You can get an excellent 180-degree view of the waterfalls and the plains below. The cliff edge is perilous & needs to be tread with caution. A great view of the Nemmara Town & other neighbouring towns can be seen from here.

Nelliyampathy Falls 

Water Falls
Photo Credits : Chinnu

The scenic beauty of the Nelliyampathy waterfalls makes the visit to Nelliyampathy worth the time spent here. One of the best trekking locations in Palakkad, Nelliyampathy Falls has a thick forest cover teeming with rare species of flora and fauna. The waterfalls gush down in several tiers, and the area is truly a  spectacular sight to behold. Nelliyampathy Waterfalls are known for the lush greenery surrounding it and are a lovely picnic destination.

Karapara Waterfalls 

Water Falls
Photo Credits : Femy

A visit to the Karapara Waterfalls certainly makes your day! The panoramic natural setting and the greenery all around makes the trek to the waterfalls worth your efforts. As the water cascades down an immense height, you are held spellbound by the beauty of nature. One of the lesser-known places to visit in Nelliyampathy hills, Karapara waterfalls is a beautiful destination in Nelliyampathy that is sure to hold you spellbound! 

Kesavan Para

Photo Credits : Nitha

Check out the grand views at Kesavanpara, a small peak in Palakkad district and a favourite trekking destination! The arduous trek to the peak is worth the effort when you gaze at the beauty of Nelliyampathy, Nenmara village and surrounding areas. Kesavan Para is the best vantage point providing amazing views of the waterfalls & the rolling tea estates.

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Places to Visit near Nelliyampathy


A visit to Palakkad or Palghat is quite refreshing while you are at Nelliyampathy! Palakkad to Nelliyampathy distance is 56 km, and it is easy to reach by booking a taxi. Palakkad is a sleepy town in Kerala with a picturesque landscape, beautiful scenery and scenic backwaters. The name Palakkad was derived from the Pala trees which once were aplenty in the area. 

Palakkad is known as the Granary of Kerala thanks to the miles and miles of Paddy Fields in the landscape. It is nestled near a wide low pass in the Western Ghats mountain ranges and as the place which links Kerala to Tamil Nadu. You can find a Tamil influence in the culture and language here in many villages of Palakkad.

Palakkad attractions include the ruins of Tipu Sultan’s Fort, Malampuzha dam, Pothundy dam, Dhoni waterfalls, Silent Valley National Park, Jain Temple, Walayar dam and the Fantasy Park. 


The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur tops the list of the best & popular places to visit near Nelliyampathy. Lying at a distance of 76 km Nelliyampathy is one of the most scenic tourist places near Thrissur and is reachable by hiring a cab. 

Thrissur is a fascinating place to visit on a one day trip from Palakkad as it has innumerable temples, churches, waterfalls, hillocks, beaches and more. The Vadakkunnathan Temple, Shakthan Thampuran Palace, Basilica Of Our Lady of Dolours, Thrissur Zoo and State Museum, Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple, Vilangankunnu, Punnathur Kotta, Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple, Chettuva Backwaters, Vazhachal Falls, Kerala Kalamandalam, Athirampally waterfalls are only some of the best places to visit in Thrissur.  The colourful festivals like Thrissur Pooram have made Thrissur a fascinating place to visit in Kerala.


How about a visit to Coimbatore – the Manchester of South India? Coimbatore is a major hub for industry, textiles, and manufacturing industries. Coimbatore serves as a gateway to several other tourist destinations in South India. Right from ancient temples to the misty mountains to breathtaking waterfalls, Coimbatore is a place that is perfect for holidays.

The Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, Sree Ayyappan Temple, Eachanari Vinayagar Temple and the Thirumoorthy Malai Temple are only some of the ancient temples of historical significance in Coimbatore. Several temples are built on cliff-tops which accord amazing views of the Coimbatore town and surroundings. The pride of Coimbatore is a massive 112 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva, known as the Adiyogi Shiva Statue. Coimbatore has many trekking destinations to set the Adrenaline flowing – Check out the  Dhoni Hills, Vellarimala, the Perumal Peak, and the Thalaiyar Falls treks.

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