Pulikali also known as Kaduvakali is a colorful frivolous folk art which is performed by trained artists to regale people on the occasion of Onam, where artistes dance wildly and impersonate hunting moves to the beat of drums. Pulikali is a symbol Onam just like the folklore of Mahabali and Pookalam. Pulikali is held to

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Enthralling backwaters, gorgeous beaches, traditional temples, ever-green forests and a delightful climate, make the state of Kerala, a paradise on earth.  No wonder, it is one of the states where we can see tourists irrespective of the season. A visit to this paradise, particularly to Alappuzha, during the months of August and September can give

Puthuvype beach, located in the western suburb of Kochi City, is one of Kerala’s less frequented beaches simply because not many people know about it. The serene sea, the green topography at the beach and the lone trees upright in the shore makes it an ideal destination. The Chinese fishing nets afford a pastoral charm

Annually, the docile waters of the River Pamba hosts a splendid feat- the Uthradam Thirunal Pamba Boat Race. It is held during one of the most auspicious days of Onam – Uthradam. It’s a remarkable sight to see extensive participation with locals and tourists swamping the banks of the river and inciting on the rowers

A surreal vacation spot is fondly called God’s own country with the mist and magic in the morning is Kerala. The captivating backwaters portray their eye-catching silence and night’s splendour. This is possible due to the mesmerizing melodies which may be achieved with the aid by way of Mother Nature. You are unfastened to set

Kochi, a traveller’s paradise has got many things to offer. From eatery to shopping malls, it has got everything for everyone. The city also holds a reputation as a bargain-hunters paradise. Below listed are some of the best places for you to go shopping: Lulu Shopping Mall LuLu Shopping Mall at Edappally is amongst the

Are you ready to visit the Niagara of India? The thundering beauty, Athirapally Waterfalls which falls from a whopping height of 1000 ft., is a real feast to the eyes! A waterfall that never runs dry during any season, the Athirapally Vellachattam or Athirapally waterfalls has attracted visitors from far and wide with their enthralling

Which is the best time to visit Kerala for holidays? This question leaves most travelers to this part of the world perplexed! Kerala- God’s own country, was declared as one of the top ten paradises on earth by the National Geographic and is visited by hordes of visitors every year. The never-ending stretches of greenery,

The traditional name for Kochi is Cochin. Cochin was the colonial name, and in 1990 it was renamed as Kochi, its traditional name.  Its international airport is still known as the Cochin International Airport. Even one of the largest ports in India located at Kochi is known as the Cochin Port Trust.  Anyway, whether you