Are you planning a trip from Malaysia to Kerala? Thousands of tourists and pilgrims from major cities of Malaysia including Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Perak come to India in general and Kerala in particular. Kerala is a favourite destination among many Malaysian tourists, especially of Indian origin because of numerous pilgrimage sites and

What makes Kerala, God’s own country so unique? Kerala is acclaimed worldwide as one of the top 10 destinations of the world that should not be missed. Why? The answer to the question lies in the heavenly landscapes and greenery of Kerala. Kerala is known for its Coconut palm-lined Beaches, the mesmerising backwaters, tea plantations,

This section will give details about the various Kerala tour packages from Mumbai, including tour packages to Kanyakumari. These packages are for couples, families as well as individuals and corporate event managers. Although there are many cheap packages from Kerala to Mumbai, our primary focus is creating a memorable experience. For multiple decades, the state