Thommankuthu Waterfalls
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For those who love to explore and relish places with waterfalls, heavy streams, and natural beauty, Thommankuthu is the ideal place where you will get all of these.

Thommankuthu waterfall is situated in one the gorgeous place in Kerala, Idukki. This place is under Kerala Forest Department. The river flowing through Thommankuttu is called Kannadiyaru. It starts from around 20kms inside forest area and flows through the Kaliyar forest. It is alleged that the name “Thommankuthu” resultant from one tribal leader “Thumban” who was washed away in the river. Thommankuttu is a seven tier waterfall. Other main attraction of the river is the chain of waterfalls and mysterious caves. Monsoon is the finest time to watch and enjoy the beauty and rage of the falls.

Kerala Forest Department is providing all required facilities for the tourists in Thommankuthu. Visitors will be received by the reception, managed by local staff. An entry ticket of Rs. 20 per person and Rs. 10 per child is required for the entry into the Forest. There is an interpretation centre at the entrance where one can get all the facts about the forest, spotting of animals etc.

In Thommankuth there are three stunning waterfalls. The first waterfall is about 600m walk from the entrance, next is around1km from the first waterfall.  The last but not the least is called Ezhunilakuthu. There are few waterfalls other waterfalls above the Ezhunilakuthu, but to see that one need to walk again quite a distance through the forest. There is a wooden watch tower which is quite convenient for the bird watchers.

The best period to visit Thommankuthu is Jun through Nov. Thommankuthu is a marvellous place to visit.

Trekking in Thommankuthu

Thommankuttu is an ideal place for those who love adventure trekking. Eco-Tourism Centre arranged by Kerala Forest Department provides trekking facilities to the tourists.    A tourist guide will be provided by the department. Trekking starts at 9am and is available till 5pm every day.  Common spotting during the trekking are – wild elephants, goats, sambar, largest butterfly, Draco – dragon tailed flying lizard etc.

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