Travelling Munnar to Thekkady by taxi
Kochi-One day sight-seeing.

Munnar to Thekkady, it’s hardly 95 kilometers and you can easily get there by taxi. Thekkady is a must visit for travelers to Munnar. The easiest route is via NH85 and then to Munnar bypass. The winding roads, cool climate, mist and bushy estates make the journey a memorable one.

The first major town that you will pass through in this journey is Rajakkad. Rajakkad is famous for its Elachi cultivation. In Rajakkad, the major attraction is Kallimali viewpoint. It provides travelers a vantage point with beautiful views of Ponmudi reservoir and the island in it. The reservoir is a natural paradise with outlining dense forests. The mere imagination of having gotten you into such dense untouched bushes will start giving you tremors inside. It looks magnificent from distance though. At this height, you cannot escape from being caressed by the cool pleasant breeze. If you enjoy trekking, Kallimali viewpoint in Rajakkad on the way to Munnar to Thekkady is a must visit destination for you.

Around 25 kilometers from Munnar on the way to Thekkady, there is Kuthumkal Waterfalls pounding on the rocks beneath. It falls from the height with so much force. It resulted in forming a deep bliss-pool at the bottom. The distant view of Kuthumkal waterfall itself will let you sense its might. When you travel by taxi, this magnificent place is just 4 kilometers from Rajakkad. This waterfall is very close to the main road and is accessible by an easy trek. All this has made it a popular stop for people who travel on this route from Munnar to Thekkady.

Continue your journey and you will understand the best sights have still been kept in store for you. The beautiful three-layered Karithode waterfalls will welcome you in Udumbanchola village. This absolute beauty is full of nature and it is least explored. Since it is least explored, this area is not commercialized and it retains its pristine natural beauty. This waterfall is considered safe to enjoy because it has no high steps. The closeness of this location with Munnar to Thekkady route brings in more travelers to enjoy this place. The road to the waterfall is bumpy and the last three kilometers is not drivable for the taxi. This part of the journey presents you with a tough hike. What makes it thoroughly enjoyable is the view on both sides while you do the trekking.

At 3500 ft, heavy wind and an astounding view of Tamil Nadu awaits you in the form of Ramakkalmedu. The bellowing wind and the spectacular views up there will force you to admit that this is the best you have seen in this half-way covered journey from Munnar to Thekkady. Standing on the vertically placed boulder enduring the fast winds can make you paranormal. The very sight of below will make you think the stuff you would think only while standing in the narrow line dividing life and death.

On the way from Munnar to Thekkady, stopping by several offbeat destinations that mesmerize us with their untouched natural beauty, we enter the last major town before we reach our destination. Kumily is busy as always. It’s the hub of the high range where all the major trade activities happen. The lifelines of the high range start from Kumily. If you are looking for decent accommodation and other travel resources Kumily is the one stop shop for you.

Departing Kumily after replenishing the inventory, you slowly enter the winding roads through the forest area. Five kilometers drive through never ending forest; you will reach your destination – Thekkady Boat Landing. It is from there, you prepare the setting for rest of the action that involves roars, claws, and teeth.

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