Beaches in Kochi
Beaches in Kochi

All set to have some beach fun in Cochin? Check out the beaches of Kochi before you start planning your holiday!

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The port city of Cochin or Kochi is also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea. During the medieval period, a major port in India, the Cochin Port, was used for overseas trade of spices and condiments. It was the favoured destination of Arab & Chinese traders. It was conquered by the Portuguese, Dutch and later by the English invaders. Even today, remnants of all these influences can be found in the historic town of Kochi in the form of old styled bungalows & massive spice warehouses.

Cochin is an upcoming metro and is also the financial, commercial and industrial capital of the state of Kerala. The beaches in Kochi are prime tourist hotspots that attract people worldwide.  Fort Kochi, with its old-world charm and historic places, is yet another attraction of Kochi.

The famous beaches in Kochi are a welcome getaway from this stressful and hectic life of today. You can sit on these palm-lined beaches enjoying the cool breeze watching the sunset or the waves lapping the beach sands. The beaches in Kochi give out warm vibes, and so do the friendly people of Kochi who welcome tourists from all parts of the world.

Cherai Beach is the best beach in Kochi city. The Puthuvype beach is a  Beach near Ernakulam that is much less crowded than Cherai Beach. Another famous beach in Kochi is the Njarakkal Arattuvazhi Beach. The Mahatma Gandhi Beach and the Kuzhupilly Beach are also well-known sea beaches in Kochi.

Best Beaches in Kochi

A beach holiday in Kerala will never be complete without visiting the beaches in Kochi! These beaches with long coastlines and pristine clear waters are idyllic destinations for the beach bums.

When it comes to visiting the best beaches in Kochi, India, you can always book a Blue Bird Travels’ taxi and see them at your own pace. The main beaches near Kochi are Fort Kochi Beach, Kuzhupilly Beach, Puthuvype Beach, Cherai Beach, Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach, Munambam Beach, and more. 

The beaches near Kochi are not like all other beaches. They are not so crowded and are an idyllic getaway from this stressful and hectic life of today. The beaches are so relaxing that we can sit on a beach for hours watching the waves crashing on the shore and enjoy the cool breeze. The best beaches in Kochi, like the Cherai beach, are visited by travellers worldwide for the pristine white sands and beach fun and frolic.

Some quiet beaches near Cochin are the Kuzhupilly Beach, Puthuvype Beach, Njarackal Arattuvazhi Beach etc. It is just great to watch the sunsets at the best beach in Cochin – the Cherai Beach. It is a leading destination for beach lovers as the sea is not rough here. The beaches in Cochin, India, are famous for the Chinese fishing nets. When you are at the best beaches in Kochi, Kerala, if you’re lucky, you can even have a go at hauling in the day’s catch at these Chinese nets.

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Check out this list of the best beaches of Kerala.

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Fort Cochin Beach 

It’s time to go back in history! Fort Cochin Beach, best known as Fort Kochi Beach, is one of the best Cochin beaches that attract many tourists from far and wide. The historic beach is located along with the charming port town of Fort Kochi and is the best place to relax. The main attractions of this Ernakulam beach are the Chinese fishing nets and the Vasco da Gama square. 

The pristine waters and the tranquil ambience make Fort Kochi beach a favourite haunt of tourists and local people. You can relax and chill out here with family and friends.  You can also visit the remains of the fort Emmanuel Fort which is the main attraction of Fort Kochi Beach. It is a perfect example of European architecture. The annual Kochi Carnival that takes place every year on the white sands of Fort Kochi Beach is an added attraction. 

The Colonial-style houses that dot the town of Fort Kochi near the beach promenade have an age-old charm!. Many small stalls prepare a variety of seafood delicacies with freshly caught fish at the Fort Kochi beach. A section of the beach is not accessible to the people as it is under the Indian Navy. 

You can also watch the luxury cruise ships passing by while at the beach. A holiday trip to Fort Kochi beach is an ideal combination of history and culture.

Vypin Beach Kochi 

Another famous beach in the exciting town of Kochi, Njarackal Arattuvazhi beach, is also called the Silent beach. The beach is less crowded as compared to other beaches in Kochi. Dolphin sightings are frequent here, which acts as an attraction to this beach. It is an ideal beach to witness a gorgeous sunset and spend some good quality time with yourself and your loved ones.

Vypin is a picturesque island on the outskirts of Kochi. It is blessed with sun-kissed shores, pristine beaches & thrilling trekking trails. You can visit Munambam, the largest fishing harbour in Kochi that lies to the north of Vypin. There are speed boats from Fort Kochi to reach the Vypin beach. Other popular attractions in Vypin include Nedungad, Pallipuram Fort, Sahodaran Ayyappan Smarakam, and Veeranpuzha, a part of Vembanad Lake, Cruz Milagres Church, Sree Perumpadappil Bhagavathi Temple, Njarakkal Fish Farm and Elamkunnapuzha Temple.

Cherai Beach Kochi 

Visiting Kochi without visiting Cherai beach is not worthwhile! One of the best beaches in Kochi, the Cherai beach has a coastline of 15 km and lies very near to the main town of Kochi. Frequent dolphin sightings are observed here. A clean beach, the waters here are calm and cool to make swimming and relaxing on the beach comfortably. Just the ideal location to have some quality time with your loved ones!

The Cherai beach sunsets are just magnificent when the sun paints the sky in different hues of red! The Chinese fishing nets on the waterfront and thick coconut groves add an age-old charm to this place. For a person wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, swimming and sunbathing at Cherai Beach are just amazing! 

The Cherai Beach is famous for the name of ‘Princess of the Arabian Sea’. It is a perfect destination for relaxation near the beachfront. The high mask lamps along the walkway edges impart a surreal charm to the beach even at night! Other than this, you can gorge on seafood delicacies at the food stalls nearby or play in the children park on the beach to spend lovely moments with family & kids. Visitors can ride speed boats and water-scooters, which are available on rent. You can even try your hand at hauling in the nets along with the local fishermen. Come to Cherai beach for a breathtaking beach holiday experience!

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Puthuvype Beach Kochi 

One of the longest beaches near Kochi, Puthuvype is also one of the least crowded beaches in Kochi. A part of Vypin Island, Puthuvype is bounded by Vembanad Lake in the east, the Arabian Sea in the southwest and Njarakkal on the Northern side. The main accesses in the area are Vypin-Munambam Road and LNG Terminal Road. The beach is easily accessible from the high court junction. The drive takes about 15 minutes to cross the Goshree bridges. On the way, we can see Bolgatty Island, Vypin fishing harbour, Vallarpadam Container Terminal etc. 

Puthuvype Beach is perfect for witnessing a sunset which would make your evenings beautiful. The beach is clean and is not crowded even on holidays. The Puthuvype beach is also touted as an alternative to the Cherai beach nowadays. This beach also has one of India’s tallest lighthouses which is an attraction for many people. The lighthouse tower offers a spectacular view of the beach and its surroundings. It was built in 1979, and the tower has an elevation of 43 meters. The light beam from the lighthouse can cover a range of 28 nautical miles. 

Puthuvype area is now also gradually becoming a central industrial hub of Kerala. The first Mega Oceanarium in India is being planned in Puthuvype. It will also be built as the largest Oceanarium in Asia. It will showcase an aquarium alley and deep-sea tunnel. 

If you are in the mood for watersports like Beach Volley, Puthuvype beach is the place for you! For adventure enthusiasts, speed boats are available near the beach to go out into the sea. There are also beach buggies or off-road vehicles, ideal for driving along beaches available at the Puthuvype beach. These beach buggies have reverse gear & can swerve on the sand. They are suitable for even women and children to ride.

The incredible view of the Chinese fishing nets adds to the charm of the Puthuvype beach. Together with the proximity to the city of Kochi, all these factors make Puthuvype an easy picnic spot.

Kuzhupilly Beach Kochi 

Check out Kuzhupilly beach, one of the longest beaches in Kochi! A palm-fringed beach near Kochi on Vypin Island, the Kuzhupilly beach is beautiful and not very crowded. The paddy fields and coconut groves view on the way to the beach and the shimmering backwaters are just magnificent!

Kuzhupilly beach is the very place for incredible sunsets! The beach also hosts kite festivals occasionally. The vast coconut and mangrove trees on the way help in keeping pleasant weather. Kuzhupilly beach, with its white and sandy shores, form the perfect backdrop for a relaxing swim and some beach fun. Definitely one of the best beaches in Kochi.

Kochi to Cherai 

A visit to Kerala is not complete without visiting the Cherai beach – one of the best beaches in Kerala! The Cherai beach is about 40 kilometres away from Kochi. It takes about an hour’s drive from Cochin to Cherai beach in a Blue Bird Travels’ taxi. On the route from Fort Kochi to Cherai Beach, you get a fantastic view of the backwaters, paddy fields and the coconut groves.

The Cochin Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort is a charming resort situated near Cherai Beach. A home away from home, the resort has been specially designed in the form of a Nalukettu Tharavad – traditional Kerala ancestral house.

Returning from Cherai Beach to Fort Kochi takes about 1 hr via NH966A and NH 66 in a taxi. Ferries are also available here. Vypin Island lies in the route from Cherai to Kochi. You can make a stopover at Vypin from Cherai to Cochin to view the gorgeous sunset there. 

Beach near Kochi Airport 

Cherai Beach is one of the best Beaches near Kochi Airport. The distance between Cochin Airport and Cherai Beach is 26 km. The beach is stunning with a long stretch of sand and the palms swaying to the sea breeze! It is maintained neat and clean & the sea is not so rough. The beach offers a scope of beach activities. The spectacular view of the sunsets here attracts many tourists to the Cherai beach. 

Kochi Airport to Cherai Beach 

Cherai Beach is 30 km away, is the nearest beach to the Kochi Airport. It takes 30 minutes to travel from Kochi Airport to Cherai Beach. The Cochin Airport to Cherai Beach Taxi Fare comes at low rates when hiring a Blue Bird Travels’ taxi. 

You can stay at the Club Mahindra Cherai resort when you visit Cherai Beach. Book an airport taxi to travel from Cochin Airport to Club Mahindra Cherai and travel in comfort. 

The Cochin Airport to Cherai Beach route has beautiful scenery on both sides of the road that you can sit back and enjoy. After enjoying a lovely holiday, you can get back from Cherai Beach to the Cochin Airport and embark on your return journey.

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Homestay Near Fort Kochi Beach 

Sea Lagoon Kochi 

Enjoy a relaxed stay at Sea Lagoon Health Resort, Cherai! The resort is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the serene backwaters on the other side. The Sea Lagoon Health Resort is located 30 km from both Ernakulam Junction South and Cochin International Airport. Being right across the famous Cherai Beach, the resort offers you an unparalleled view that is sure to capture your senses. Sea Lagoon boasts of Kerala-style architecture with sloping roofs and wooden pillars. There are 35 themed rooms with traditional Kerala-style decor and also all modern amenities for a luxurious holiday. 

Club Mahindra Cochin 

Get ready for a family vacation at Club Mahindra Cochin, a resort situated close to Cherai Beach! A perfect retreat for those who enjoy staying near the beach, as close to nature as possible! The hotel can be reached by a one hour’s drive from the Kochi International Airport. You can enjoy a boat ride on Lake Poyil & visit the site of Chinese Fishing Nets & the lighthouse near Vypin jetty. The historic Pallipuram Fort is about a 10-minute drive from Club Mahindra Cherai Beach. A great place to stay & enjoy your Keala holiday!

Kochi to Marari Beach

Nestled in a quaint fishing hamlet in Alleppey, Marari Beach is a great destination to unwind and relax by the sea. The unspoilt beauty and charm of Marari Beach make it a famous beach for domestic and international travellers. The Cochin to Marari Beach distance is 60 km, and the Alleppey-Cochin highway connects Kochi to Mararikulam. 

Scenic backwaters, green paddy fields and coconut groves line the route from Cochin to Marari. After a great vacation at the beach at Mararikulam, you can hire a Blue Bird Travels’ taxi from Mararikulam to Cochin for a relaxed return journey back to Kochi. 

Kochi to Kovalam Beach 

Kovalam, the fantastic beach paradise of Kerala, lies a four hours’ drive from Kochi. The Kovalam beach bewitches visitors with the wild beauty of crashing waves and gorgeous rock formations. The sunsets here are just magnificent! The spectacular beaches of Kovalam, like the Chowara and Samudra beaches, are less crowded. The beaches have fabulous eateries where you can gorge on seafood.  With a Blue Bird Travels’ taxi, it is easy to reach there. 

The Cochin to Kovalam Taxi Fares is cost-effective when you book with Blue Bird You can also travel directly from the Cochin Airport to Kovalam in a Blue Bird Travels’ Airport Taxi.

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Popular Questions 

Which is the best beach in Kochi? 

With its fabulous sunsets and frequent Dolphin sightings, Cherai Beach is the best beach in Kochi.

Is Fort Kochi worth visiting? 

Yes, the port city of Kochi has historical significance with its blend of the past and the present through its architecture. The fantastic beaches, Backwaters and rich culture make Kochi worth visiting!

Is there a beach in Kochi? 

Yes, Fort Kochi beach is the beach in Kochi. Several amazing beaches are lying close to the city like the Cherai, Vypin, Kuzhuppilly, Puthuvype beaches, etc.

 Kochi’s Best Beach? 

Kochi’s best beach is the Cherai beach which lies 40 km away from Kochi.

Are the cabs airconditioned?

All our cabs are air-conditioned. Do note that AC will not be operational in hill areas or stopped/parked vehicle.

Can we get an English, Hindi and Tamil speaking driver?

Our chauffeurs can communicate in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. You can WhatsApp your request on 94476 23456.

Can I get an Invoice for the trip?

The invoice can be emailed or WhatsApp'ed after the trip. Taxes as applicable will be extra.

How can I cancel or reschedule my reservation?

WhatsApp us on 9447623456 and we can help you out.

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