Cherai Beach
Places to Visit in Cherai

With stretches of beautiful coastlines, Kerala has some of the most amazing beaches in India. Away from the hustle and bustle of Kochi city, the Cherai Beach in Ernakulam is a must-visit place to have a relaxing day with your loved ones. Recharge yourself on your off day or have an adventure-filled holiday with your posse.

With only a 20 km distance from the Cochin International Airport, the 10 km-long golden beach faces the calm and stunning blue waves with a backdrop of lush greenery, the perfect spot for beach lovers for a quiet sunbath, delightful picnic or even a pleasant jog at dawn. 

The long walkways of the beach, lit with high mask lamps, spurs on a lively nightlife with cafes and restaurants that specialize in multi-cuisine as well as local delicacies.

What’s more extraordinary is that the beach is in Vypin Island, one of the islands that make up the city. This 27 km long stretch of land separates the Lakshadweep sea from the backwaters and connects to the mainland by a chain of bridges called Goshree.

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Best time to visit Cherai Beach

Kerala is a unique state with three seasons of Summer, Monsoon and Winter; Cherai Beach can be visited all year round. 


Although it’s not the ideal time for a comfortable beach trip if you plan to sweat it out with water sports, visit during the hot Summer starting from March to June. The Kochi temperature reads between 32°C to 37° C, with humidity ranging from 68% to 84%.


From July to September, the high-discount-off season sees fewer dry days from sporadic drizzle to a torrential downpour. The temperature stays at an average of 26°C but can go as low as 23°C with a humidity level of 80% by September. If you can’t find a sunny day for beach activities, go for an off-beat Cherai village tour, get a relaxing Ayurvedic massage, have a scrumptious Onam meal spread or celebrate the rain day.


The most pleasant weather kicks off from October to February, marking it as the best time to visit Cherai Beach in Kerala. Starting with milder rains and ending with drier cool days, this season sees many local and traditional affairs like temple and church festivals, beach carnival and so on.

Cherai Beach timings 

The Cherai Beach has no entry fee, while adventure sports, depending upon the ride, have their charges. Although the public beach is open to all 24×7, the favoured Cherai Beach visiting time is 9 am to 6 pm. Marine boating, water sport activities and other attractions are mostly open during the recommended time, except for backwater boating. You can book from 6 in the morning.

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Places to visit in Cherai Beach 

Cherai is a small town located at the northern end of Vypin Island. Before reaching the gorgeous Cherai Beach, the many lakes and lagoons and rows of paddy fields along the roads’ side undoubtedly, bestows a picturesque view for the beachgoers who travel by road. Another way to travel to the beach is by boats through the serene backwaters. Cherai Beach is also one of the most sought-after spots for watching the alluring sunrise and sunset. These scenic locations, along with the beach Lighthouse and Chinese fishing nets’ fascinating sights, enhance the experience of sightseeing in Cherai. Apart from swimming, there are several other activities you can do. Some of the most famous Cherai Beach attractions include spotting the dolphins, fishing expeditions, speed boating and flying kites. 

Cherai Beach

Fondly known as the ‘Princess of the Queen of the Arabian Sea’, this shallow beach is ideal for the excellent swimmers and the young ones, elderly folks, and even amateur swimmers. If you are not a fan of adventure sports, take a boat ride to see a herd of dolphins in their natural habitat—a wondrous sight for both adults and kids. 

Cherai Beach has many food joints and restaurants where you can sample all kinds of seafood dishes. You can also go on a fishing expedition with the locals and feast on fresh-off-the-boat catch cooked to your preference. After a hearty meal, adults can shop for some of the authentic handicrafts made by locally skilled artisans. At the same time, young children can explore the children’s park within Cherai Beach’s vicinity. If you are looking for a truly authentic cultural experience from a wide variety of locally made handicrafts, racks of Indian spices and classical native art forms, then the Cherai Beach Tourism Mela is the real deal. This 7-day beach tourism carnival held in December is an exciting event to look forward to during the tourist season.

While taking a walk along the beach’s sandy shores, a very prominent feature is the Chinese fishing nets. Taking silhouette photographs of these huge fishing nets against the sunset is one of the must-do for shutterbugs on this beach. If being a photophile is a clique, watch the shore-operated fishing nets handled by a team of four to five fishermen folk.

Another festival held in January is the Kite festival. If you love the idea of seeing giant colourful cut-outs floating in the wind, head over to Cherai Beach to see professional kite flyers from national and international circuits showcasing their flying skills.

Cherai Beach Viewpoint

Paragliding gives you a different panoramic view of the beach as you sail along with the winds in the air. However, nothing will beat the breath-taking stillness that you will experience standing on the ground, watching the sun dipping into the horizon. A lucky shot, but who is to say you might even get to spot a dolphin or two. The fascinating aspect of the location is that most Cherai Beach accommodations have marvellous viewpoints of the Arabian sea on one side and the serene backwaters. If you have booked into a sea-facing room, then glance out of your window to see a spectacular view of the setting sun.

The Cherai Beach viewpoint is just before Cherai Beach, where you can see the lake and the sea on either side of a long stretch of the road. There are various vantage points where you can see the sun rising and setting.

Shree Gowreeswara Temple

Known as the South Pazhani, Shree Gowreeswara Temple in Cherai is a famous pilgrimage centre in Kerala where Lord Subrahmanyam is worshipped. The temple, however, is named after his father, Lord Shiva, also called Lord Gowreeswaran. Built-in 1912, the main idol of Lord Subrahmanyam was installed in the temple by Sree Narayana Guru, a spiritual leader and social reformer, which then hallmarked the social reform movement during the early 20th century. 

The Cherai Sree Gowreeswara temple is the only temple in Asia with an interesting structure of chaturmukha kovil. This 4-side door sreekovil that worships three other idols instead of one. Lord Subrahmanyam faces the east side. Lord Shiva faces the west, Goddess Parvathy faces the north, and Lord Ganapati faces the south.

If watching a temple festival at its most grandeur is one thing on your bucket list, head to Cherai during mid-Jan to mid-Feb, where you can attend the Shree Gowreesha temple festival, encounter 20-30 caparisoned elephants along with the traditional percussion music called Pachavaadhya and see other cultural programs native to Kerala. 

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Activities in Cherai Beach

Owing to its distinctive location, a trip to Cherai Beach offers the best of both worlds—soothing waves and idyllic backwaters. This allows you the opportunity to choose from a broad range of activities in Cherai Beach.

Boat rides in Cherai

Cherai Beach boating is a fantastic experience as much as the beach itself. If you are up for extreme speed boat adventure, check out the many speedboat agencies to quench your inner adrenaline junkie. 

If you prefer quieter boat rides, then backwater boating is for you. There are many ways you can experience the famous backwaters of Kerala. A few minutes away from Cherai Beach lies the extensive calm backwaters where you can hire a boat from a variety of man-powered boats like rowboats, Kayaks, paddle boats and shikara boats. 

Marine or backwater, most boating facilities are open from 6 am to 6 pm. The most recommended timing is early morning or evening so you can catch the sunrise or the sunset.

If you are looking for a long peaceful backwater cruise or if Cherai Beach is your destination. You can book House Boats that offer basic amenities to take you through a chain of lagoons and lakes from Alleppey Munnar to Kochi and back.

Another backwater transportation is Ferries. You can reach Vypin island using a government-owned ferry from the Kochi ferry station. The ferry is more affordable than other transportation modes and an exciting way to see the village life. 

Water sports in Cherai Beach

If speed boating does not fill your thirst for adventure, then check out the vast array of water sports from water skiing, kayaking, stand up paddling, and so much more in Cherai Beach.

Here are a few popular water sports to try out.

Jet Skis

Want to feel the thrill of speed and splashing water? Then go for Jet Skis. You can ride this safe and easy to operate water scooter by yourself or with your partner.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat rides are the best when you want to enjoy a water sport with many people. Holding on to this six-person inflatable boat when the waves are crashing around you is one of the most enjoyable experiences that is sure to go in the memory album.


Kayaking, although not an extreme water sport, tests your fitness and agility. This 1 hour of single or double occupant kayaking is a sure way to burn a good number of calories. To add in a bit of competition, you can also race your kayak with your buddies.

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Places to visit near Cherai 

If you do not have enough time to cover the whole of Kochi, indulge in some sightseeing in Cherai. There are many places to visit near Cherai before you start packing for your return trip.

Kuzhupilly Beach

Apart from the famous Cherai Beach, there are many other small and less populated beaches in Vypin. A less well-known gem, Kuzhupilly Beach is one of them. If you are looking for a more peaceful place than a tourist-heavy one like Cherai Beach, this is the perfect beach for you to get to a book that you wanted or immerse yourself in a mindful meditation with the sounds of hypnotizing waves around you. 

Ever wanted to try out a short coastal trek? Then go for a pleasant walk of about 3.5 km from Cherai Beach to Kuzhupilly Beach taking in the views of the scenic tree-lined beaches and clean shorelines. You can also spot a few friendly locals and traditional shored fishing boats along the way. If you like to ride your vehicle through gorgeous palm-lined beaches and a quiet local community, then go through the Beach Road adjacent to the shoreline. Good swimmers can take a dip in the cool deep water; however, amateur swimmers need to be mindful of lifeguards’ unavailability.

Munambam Beach

An extension of Cherai Beach, Munambam Beach sees fewer beachgoers and commercialization. About 4.5 km away from Cherai Beach, Munambam Beach is one of the most underrated beaches in the state. You can see scores of homestays and lodging establishments, and dining places alongside the beach. 

Owing to the low and gentle waves, it is an ideal place for swimming, making it suitable for many water sports activities. At the end of Munambam Beach, Munambam Pullimuttu, a human-made rock peer that goes a bit further into the sea, promises an exquisite view of the Periyar river flowing into the sea. 

Unlike Kuzhupilly Beach, Munambam Beach has a well-lit walkway and park for its visitors. Opposite the park, you can see many huge Chinese fishing nets lined parallel to the Periyar river. A kilometre away from the beach is the Munambam Fishing Harbour, one of Kerala’s neatest and hygienic fishing hubs.

Remnants of Kottappuram Fort

Built-in 1523 by the Portuguese, Fortaleza de São Tomé or later named Kottappuram Fort, had been captured by the Dutch in 1661. The fort had later come into the possession of Tipu Sultan in 1790. He had then demolished the structure, leaving only some of the remnants behind. On account of much ownership over the years, this fort is also known as Cranganore Fort, Kodungallur Fort or Tipu’s Fort.

Because of its strategic location, the Kottappuram Fort had generated a lot of political interest. This fort, which was at the mouth of the Periyar river, had the advantage of controlling ships that passed from the sea to the inland. Located in Kodungallur, Thrissur District, the excavations of this fort are undertaken by the Muziris Heritage Project. The officials of Muziris revealed that the Kottappuram Fort was massive, covering almost two-and-a-half-acre land, which included the bastions, military barracks, bungalows and a church.

Muziris Heritage Project

Muziris was one of the most important ports in India. Called the first emporium of India by the Roman traders over 3000 years ago, the ancient Muziris port town sat in Kodungallur and Paravur. Not just the Romans, the Greeks, Babylonians, Assyrians, Arabs, Chinese and Egyptians used the historic spice route to reach the Muziris port. They traded gold coins, glass, wine and wheat in exchange for pepper, ivory, silk, precious stones, beads and pottery.

 The 14th century saw one of the catastrophic floods that washed away the thriving Muziris port and town. The Muziris Heritage Project, one of India’s largest conservation project, came into existence in 2010 to conserve the historical sites and monuments around the old port town and extend to 125 sq km across Ernakulam and Thrissur. The two archaeological sites, Pattanam and Kottapuram, have unearthed many artefacts like Chinese coins, Western Arabian pottery pieces, Dutch coins and tiles and so on.

Njarakkal Arattuvazhi Beach

Njarackal Arrattuvazhi Beach is located in Njarackal, a village situated in the centre of Vypin Island. This quaint beach is the first of the small beaches you will see in Vypin Island once you cross over from the mainland through Goshree bridges. Beachgoers can use the short strip of shoreline to enjoy the clean sandy beach. However, the rest of the beach area is closed off with a rock sea wall due to fear of coastal erosion. If the tides are low, you can relax on the wide rock wall or walk over the rocks enjoying the crashing of waves. 500 meters away from the beach and on the backwater banks is the Matsyafed Narakkal Fish Farm, where you can enjoy some quiet fishing time. If you find fishing is not your thing, you might even be lucky to get the fishes that jump into your boat. You can also enjoy the locally made seafood dishes and hire boats to take you through the lake. 

Kuzhupilly Aqua Farm Tourism

Six hundred meters away from Kuzhupilly beach, the Kuzhupilly Aqua Farm Tourism is located on a causeway between the Kuzhupilly Beach and the Beach Road. You can select from a variety of fresh seafood farmed on this site for your next meal. This aqua farm also offers boating, farm visit, fish massage and fish feeding. Apart from the aquatic activities, the establishment also has a lodging facility, yoga centre and moving restaurant. The main attraction of this aquafarm is the floating food court. To reach the floating food court, you need to cross in a canoe by pulling a rope connected from the causeway to the floating food court. Besides enjoying the local seafood dishes cooked in coconut oil, you can take a short ride in the backwaters in various boats, from basket boats to fibre boats to Kayaks.

Paravur Jewish Synagogue

The fascinating Paravur Jewish Synagogue that dates back to the 12th century has a rich history and impressive architecture. Much like other monuments of that time, this Jewish synagogue has also seen repeated destruction by the changing rulers. Initially built in 1616, it was destroyed in the Portuguese invasion in 1963 and restored by a wealthy family. War with the Tipu Sultan again saw damages to the synagogue during the late 1700s and was remodelled later. During the 1950s, many of the Jewish community migrated to Israel, and the remaining members found it difficult to continue the religious services. This resulted in dismantling the Holy Ark and taking it to Israel. The Muziris Heritage Project later undertook the synagogue and established it as the Kerala Jews History Museum. 

Paliam Nalukettu Museum

Nalukettu, literally meaning four blocks, is a traditional housing architecture that separates the homestead into four blocks—north, south, east and west. Some traditional houses even have ettukettu or pathinarukettu, which is eight blocks or sixteen blocks, respectively. The western block primarily housed the deities and other valuables. The northern block has a lot of rooms for the large family. The kitchen and the dining area were located on the northeastern side. The bottom floor of eastern and southern blocks were large open halls to receive guests, and the upper floor on the same area had bedrooms for women. The Paliam nalukettu was owned by the women of the Paliam family, who followed the matrilineal system. This homestead was built in the year 1789 and had been in use for a very long time. The Muziris Heritage Project was taken on the homestead once the Paliam family moved away after the family partition and turned into Paliam Nalukettu Museum.

Manjumatha Church (Our Lady of Snow Basilica)

Situated 5 km away from Cherai Beach, Manjumatha Basilica in Pallipuram, Ernakulam is one of the oldest and most popular basilicas. It is also one of the three pilgrim centres in South India dedicated to Our Lady. Along with several other structures, this church was also built by the Portuguese during the 16th century. Later, when Tipu Sultan had invaded the land, many local people shut themselves inside the church and prayed to their holy mother. Legend says that a heavy mist surrounded the church, misleading Tipu’s army and saving the people inside, thereby receiving the name Manjumatha church, which means Our Lady of Snow Basilica

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Popular questions

How to reach Cherai beach from Cochin?

The Cochin International Airport is only about 20 km away from Cherai Beach. The nearest station is the Ernakulam Junction Station, which is about 26 km away. You can hire a taxi directly to Cherai Beach. You can also reach the beach by taking a 10-minute ferry ride from the Kochi ferry station to Vypin Island and then hiring a tuk-tuk to the beach.

Are the cabs airconditioned?

All our cabs are air-conditioned. Do note that AC will not be operational in hill areas or stopped/parked vehicle.

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