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Munnar Top Station

Are you looking for the best taxi package from Kochi to Munnar? This page will provide you all the information you need to help you make your holiday plans and get the best possible Kochi to Munnar taxi package according to your budget and travel plans.

If you plan to travel from Kochi to Munnar, you have got two options: the state bus transport or a taxi service.

The state bus transport service might be a little less expensive than a taxi service (or more, according to the bus you choose) but the most significant benefit of taking a taxi package from Kochi to Munnar is that you get to travel in privacy and enjoy the picturesque drive through the sinuous roads that course through the breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

Another benefit of taking a taxi package to Munnar is you can decide your itinerary. You can stop where you feel like. You can click photographs. You can have lunch in the lap of nature while a nearby waterfall hums songs of timelessness to you. You can even take detours if you feel like and explore entirely new terrains. Driving around in a taxi in Munnar is the same as having your own vehicle but with an added benefit that a driver is driving while you are enjoying the beauty of the place.

Where is Munnar?

Munnar is well deservedly called the “Kashmir of South India” though, with extensive deforestation in the valley of Kashmir, it can be safely said that Munnar is more beautiful and picturesque compared to the famous tourist destination in the North. Since the British times, the town has been a tourist hill station in the district of Idukki in south-western Kerala. At an altitude of 5200 feet above the sea level, Munnar has lush green hills, widespread tea plantations, picturesque settlements and villages, and out-of-this-world trekking tracks.

With magnificent hills and mountains playing hide and seek with the clouds that scurry around over the captivating greenery, it is in Munnar where the beauty of the Western Ghats reaches its pinnacle.

For a Taxi Package, what is the distance from Kochi to Munnar?

There is approximately a distance of 130 km from Kochi to Munnar on National Highway 85. It takes almost 4 hours in a taxi to reach Munnar from Kochi. The time depends on the congestion of traffic and several other factors you may come across during your ride.

Best deals for you

Aluva to Munnar Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Kochi Airport to Munnar Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Kakkanad to Munnar Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Cherai to Munnar taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Willingdon Island to Munnar Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Cochin Airport to Club Mahindra Munnar Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Kochi to Munnar One Way Taxi

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Kochi to Munnar Taxi (3 days)

Fares from ????Rs. 6150 ✔️Sightseeing ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll and Parking

Kochi Munnar Taxi Package (3 days)

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

Cochin Munnar Alleppey Taxi (4 Days)

✔️All-inclusive fares ✔️Driver Allowance ✔️Toll ✔️Free Cancellation

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Options: Swift DZire, Innova, Tempo Traveller (12 to 19 Seater), Coaches.

5 best places to visit in Munnar on a taxi package

Although Munnar is mostly known as a hill station with its lush green slopes and interminable tea gardens, there are numerous places you can visit especially when you are traveling by cab or a taxi. Here we are listing 5 places that you can visit while you are in Munnar:

1. Tea Museum

Since the Tata Group of Companies is the biggest producer of tea in Munnar and due to this, the second largest in the world, the museum is aptly called “Tata Tea Museum.” Whatever you want to learn about the history of tea plantations, you can learn it here. At this museum, you will know how the tea leaves are grown, plucked, and processed so that they can be brewed to a steaming, an enervating cup of tea.

However, you don’t just learn about tea. The museum also holds ancient relics, for example, a burial urn from 2nd century A.D.

The museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM. The per person entry fee for adults is ₹ 75 and four children it is ₹ 35. If you want to bring along a still camera, you will be charged ₹ 20 extra. Want to taste different varieties of tea displayed at the museum? You can pay ₹ 100 for the experience.

2. The Blossom International Park

Spread over 16 acres of heavenly parkland, the Blossom International Park can be easily reached by your taxi service as it is just 3 km away from the main Munnar town. You can do boating, roller skating and cycling in the park and if you wish to have a quiet walk among the abundant trees and flowers, you can do that too. You may like to take along your binoculars because exotic birds from all over the region come here to roost and feed. The place is famous for nature walks. The entry fee is meager, and the timings of the park are 9 AM to 7 PM.

3. Mattupetty Dam

This is another spectacular tourist location you can easily reach by taxi. Every dam has a large water reservoir, and so does Mattupetty Dam in the form of the Mattupetty Lake that boasts of crystal-clear water capped by a beautiful blue sky and cradled by dense, lush vegetation. The water and the vegetation naturally attract a multitude of wildlife, including animals and birds. You can enjoy the serene and majestic water sitting at the bank, or you can indulge in water sports such as speed boating. You can also go for trekking in the Shola forest for that matter.

4. Eravikulam National Park

You can use your Kochi to Munnar taxi package to organize a visit to the Eravikulam National Park that covers around 97 square kilometers in the Western Ghats and boasts of the highest peak in India in the south of the Himalayas.

The National Park has 6 species of mammals including the rare Nilgiri tahr, 132 species of birds and 19 species of amphibians. There are also 101 species of butterflies in the park. Many river tributaries merge inside the park, making it replete with many water bodies supporting diverse flora and fauna. If you are in luck, you can also come across a leopard or a tiger. Private taxis and other vehicles are not allowed inside the national park – you will need to leave the taxi at the base parking station, and from there onwards you will need to hire a safari bus. It is advised that you reach the park very early in the morning because otherwise long queues build up and then you may have to wait for a couple of hours to be able to enter the national park.

5. Echo Point

Echo Point is an easy 15 km drive from the main Munnar town and can be easily reached by your hired taxi. As the name suggests, the place is famous for creating natural echoes when you say something loud. When you arrive there, you will find scores of people screaming their lungs out, hoping to hear their sounds are thrown back at them by the ancient forest and the hills.

You can use your Kochi to Munnar taxi package to plan an exclusive trip to Echo Point, or you can stop by on your journey to Top Station, the highest point in Munnar which is 1700 m high.

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Kochi – Munnar – Kochi (3 days) Taxi Package Fare

Cab TypePassenger CapacityFare
Swift DZire or similar4₹ 6,520
Toyota Innova6₹ 8,060
Innova Crysta7₹ 9,900
Tempo Traveller12 to 20+WhatsApp or Call us for the best deal on 94476 23456

What’s included in the fare?

Fuel, Toll, Parking, Driver Allowances and a distance coverage of 400 km (Kochi garage to Kochi garage). Over 3 days.

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Options: Swift DZire, Innova, Tempo Traveller (12 to 19 Seater), Coaches.

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